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Boca Raton Concrete Washout, Termite Pretreatment, and Termite Bond Services

Diligent Services, Inc.

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Concrete Washout

Our Boca Raton location offers same-day service, South Florida Construction BMP (washout pans and bins meet Storm Water Compliance Permits; LEED building reports provided) and the largest capacity concrete washout dumpsters in the industry.

Termite Treatment for New Construction

Our Boca Raton location offers traditional liquid soil and BORA-CARE pretreatment, along with 24/7 same-day service, GPS-tracked trucks for guaranteed 3-hour response, follow-up visits for patios, driveways and final grade treatment per code.

Termite Bond

What is a termite bond? It’s an agreement between termite insurance companies and property owners which provides protection against termite infestations. Diligent provides Palm Beach Country, Martin County and St. Lucie County property managers with Total Termite Protection.