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Bee & Wasp Control

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are some of the most problematic pests in Florida. When they make their home on a person’s property, they quickly become nuisances. They also pose several dangers, so it is important to remove them immediately.

Bee And Wasp Colonization

Wasps, bees and yellowjackets colonize in different ways. Some of the most common sources of wasp stings are from paper wasps, which make their paper-like nests in trees, eaves and on railings. Some people disturb the nests or try to remove them without knowing what they are, and the wasps hiding inside defend their homes accordingly.

Since most movies portraying beehives show them in trees, people usually assume bees only colonize in trees. However, they often build their hives in garages, sheds and even behind the walls in homes.

Yellowjackets build their nests on homes or trees, or they may colonize in the ground. When they choose to colonize in the ground, these aggressive stinging pests are easy to step on. In addition to being a hidden pest, they also appear at outdoor picnics. Since they are aggressive, yellowjackets often sting people who try to swat them away.

Dangers Of Bees And Wasps

Many people are allergic to bee stings. A bee only stings once, but even one sting is enough to send a person who is severely allergic to the hospital. Swelling of the tongue and throat may come on quickly for some people, and it can be fatal in some instances. Bees are especially a danger to young kids who have allergies and spend time outdoors. Wasps can sting more than once. Some people have allergic reactions to their stings. Yellowjackets also sting often, and their stings are very painful.

While these pests pose a danger to families of residential properties, they also pose a threat to visitors. If a visitor is stung and sustains severe injuries, that person could file a lawsuit, making the homeowner liable for any medical bills or damages.

Bee and wasp stings also cause problems for Florida businesses. If patrons are stung by either of these pests, they could also sue the business for medical bills. To make matters worse, the person may write bad reviews online. No business can afford to have a bad reputation for compromising its patrons’ safety.

Professional Pest Control Solutions

When bees and wasps appear on a business or residential property, it is time to call a professional pest control company. Do not attempt dangerous home removal methods found on the Internet. Most people who attempt these only wind up stung and still having a bee or wasp infestation. Call Diligent Services for a free quote and fast service.