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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

At Diligent Services we understand your commercial pest control needs and we realize that owning a business demands maintaining a clean, healthy environment free of harmful and destructive pests, while minimizing the chemicals used in your workplace. That’s why we designed our Commercial Pest Prevention services with the most technologically advanced products and application methods in the industry today.

Because the needs of each business and commercial property differ, Diligent designs your commercial service, with your particular commercial property and situation in mind. After thoroughly inspecting your property, our extensively trained and certified technicians will apply the appropriate pest-specific products in the places best targeted to correct your problem.

We pledge to create and maintain your pest-free commercial environment. Diligent will promptly revisit your corporate location or multi-family rental property and other commercial accounts between scheduled services to re-treat your location at no additional cost to you to control pests in and around your business. Diligent guarantees your complete satisfaction!

Initial Interior Service

Every business and every pest infestation is unique. Commercial office spaces and retail locations require services that differ from restaurant, hotel and multi-family residential properties. We customize your commercial property program to fit your business’s specific needs. Depending on our initial inspection, we may place baits and/or monitors in your commercial kitchens, dining areas, break rooms, reception rooms, restrooms, offices, warehouse spaces and storage areas. We also treat entryways, potted plants, various wall voids, and around windows. Your highly trained Diligent Services technician will determine the exact method, treatment areas, and product selection for your customized commercial service.

Perimeter Services

The key to keeping the interior of your business pest-free includes a comprehensive exterior perimeter treatment of your commercial property and other conducive areas, which may incorporate nearby trees and bushes, landscape features, dumpsters, loading docks, fences, eaves, and around doors and windows. Your Diligent Services technician will apply a combination of granular products, gels, liquids, and/or an occasional aerosol spray depending on the pest.

In some instances, controlling a problem situation may require the business owner’s assistance. Your Diligent technician will note on your service order potential hotspots and conducive conditions that require your attention. Preventive and corrective measures may include repairing screens, sealing all cracks and crevices, trimming trees and shrubbery, removing clutter, clearing extra equipment from the perimeter of your structure, and other proactive steps. By working together and communicating with each other, a pest-free commercial environment becomes much easier to attain.

Diligent Services welcomes all businesses including:

  • Office buildings, business complexes, corporate office campuses, industrial parks, and freestanding businesses
  • Multi-family residential properties and condominium complexes
  • Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and vacation rentals
  • Full service restaurants, fast-food restaurants, specialty food shops, bakeries, catering facilities and convenience stores
  • Gyms, sports arenas, training and fitness complexes
  • Other businesses and commercial properties

What does it take to make a Diligent Services technician? Diligent technicians are:

  • Extensively trained on a continuing basis
  • Specialists at utilizing the latest state-of-the-art products available, in conjunction with the most advanced application equipment on the market
  • Professionally dressed in readily identifiable uniforms, they respond to your needs immediately
  • Drug screened to ensure your business’s safety, plus the safety of your staff and customers
  • Available to re-service accounts at no additional charge to rid commercial locations of persistent pests, with complete satisfaction guaranteed

Your Diligent Services team, using eco-friendly, highly effective pest management techniques to keep your business rodent and insect-free is so proud of our techniques and practices that we offer a 110% money-back guarantee on all of our pest control services.

If you’re in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County or anywhere else in southern Florida, Diligent Services is the company to call for your pest control needs. Contact us online or by phone to schedule an inspection of all of your commercial properties for pest issues and we will help you get those situations under control.