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Commercial Rodent Control

Commercial Rodent Control

Rodents live everywhere humans do, cohabitating with humans throughout history. Highly adaptable to most environments, both mice and rats can survive on minimal amounts of food and water and can enter buildings through the tiniest cracks and crevices. Florida’s popularity as a vacation destination provides rodents plenty of opportunity to cause damage and destruction in businesses all over southern Florida.

Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice: Most Prevalent Types of Rodents in Florida Businesses

  • Roof rats prefer fruit, vegetables and grains, as well as the humid, tropical climate of southern Florida. Growing to 8 inches in length, roof rats are light gray or brown in color with sharp noses, large hairless ears and long tails.
  • Norway rats, who are larger than roof rats, arrived in the US in 1775 and can be found everywhere in the country today. Also known as brown rats and wharf rats, Norway rats measure 12-18 inches, tail included, and can be distinguished by their blunt noses, small close-set ears and long tails.
  • House mice, although smaller and less destructive than rats create more infestations annually due to their ability to squeeze through dime-size holes.

Rodent Behavior

Rodent infestations can be scary anywhere but in commercial settings, rodent infestations can spell disaster for plenty of reasons, from making your business’ structure and wiring physically unstable, to creating unhealthy and unsafe conditions where your clientele and staff will be susceptible to any number of diseases caused by rodents and the vector insects that accompany them. Some important facts to know about rodents include:
• Rats and mice breed throughout the year. A single pair of rodents can produce 30 or 40 offspring in one year.
• Rodents gnaw through plastic containers, drywall, wood and electrical wiring. In order to keep their constantly growing front teeth filed down, rodents will gnaw on anything they can find.
• Rodents transmit some thirty-five serious viruses and pathogens contracted by
inhaling dried rodent waste products and by handling rodents, rodent bites or by consuming rodent contaminated food.
• Salmonella, bubonic plague and Hantavirus comprise just a few of the illnesses that rodents carry.
• Fleas and ticks that live on rodents actually transmit blood-borne diseases to people and pets.
• Rodents can damage building materials, contaminate food supplies and ruin your business’s reputation.
• Rats will bite humans and pets if threatened.


Rats and mice thrive in Florida’s mild climate. If left unchecked, populations can easily overrun your business and commercial properties. Telltale signs of a rodent problem: Squeaking or scratching sounds in the attic or in walls, rodent droppings in food areas or random rodent sightings. Acting at the first sign of a rodent problem is the key to preventing a rodent problem from growing into a full-blown infestation. Diligent technicians are experts at locating nests and reducing current rodent populations, by removing rats and mice.

Rodent Control

Strategic bait placement makes a huge difference when trapping rodents. Also, sealing even the smallest cracks and holes and eliminating entry points excludes rodents from entering your place of business moving forward.

Because rats are leery of new things in their environments, the process of trapping them can take a while. In a commercial setting, trapping and removing rodents should be left to Diligent’s skilled and certified professional pest control technicians. Attempting to control rodent infestations with over-the-counter baits can prove embarrassing, expensive and labor-intensive when rat carcasses you can’t find in your walls begin to decompose, sending potential customers away from your business in a hurry!

Vector Treatment

After removing rodents from your business or commercial properties, special procedures are required to safely remove the feasting insects and rodent waste products from your business. Rest assured Diligent’s knowledgeable technicians will remove waste products and vectors from your place of business with safe and efficient practices that keep dried fecal particulates from becoming air-borne and causing respiratory infections.

Diligent delivers the best, backed by a 110% money back guarantee

Your Diligent Services team, using eco-friendly, highly effective pest management techniques to keep your business rodent and insect-free is so pleased with our techniques and practices that we offer a 110% money-back guarantee on all of our pest control services.

Wherever you are in southern Florida, Miami-Dade and Broward County north through Port St. Lucie and Indian River County, Diligent Services is the company to call for your commercial pest control needs. Contact us online or by phone to schedule an inspection of all of your commercial properties for pest control issues you may not even be aware of.