Termite Control


Now that spring is here, termites are a major concern for homeowners. At this time, you may have noticed winged insects swarming around your windows and doors. These winged insects may have been termites, and they were attracted to the light inside the house.

Termites are dangerous to any house or building because they are constructed with wood products, and termites feed on wood. They never take a vacation, so they are consuming your wood every day of the year. They can do an inordinate amount of damage to your home’s foundation and everything that is made of wood. This means every piece of furniture is in jeopardy. They can even eat your books.

The subterranean termite lives underground, and this location gives them access to your home’s foundation. These termites might be the most dangerous of all because they are hard to detect. Most likely, you will not notice that there is anything amiss before you have an infestation of these house-eating pests.

You may have noticed that there are holes or crevices in your walls that weren’t there before. This is a sign that there is a termite infestation. The walls are termites’ first choices when they are looking for places to congregate inside your home because they are so thin. This makes it easy for these nuisances to cause extensive damage.

Termites are so destructive to homes and office buildings that they cause $5 billion worth of damage every year. This means that they are more harmful than earthquakes, tornadoes and fires combined. For this reason, you will need to have your home or office inspected by a professional exterminator. Call us at Diligent Services for a free quote for our pest control service today.