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Concrete Washout

Concrete Washout

With South Florida’s beautiful Everglades, canals, and oceans, Diligent Concrete Washout service is an important part of homebuilders, general contractors and concrete contractors storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP). Diligent helps Florida homebuilders and commercial developers avoid EPA fines with rapid same-day service, watertight bins, and concrete slurry recycling.

What is Concrete Washout?

After concrete is poured at a construction site, the chutes of ready mixed concrete trucks, hoppers of concrete pump trucks and concrete tools must be washed out to remove the remaining concrete before it hardens. This leftover waste material is Concrete Washout.

Construction Waste is any cement material leftover on a job site; this includes Masonry Block, Washout from Concrete Trucks and Concrete Pump Trucks. These cementitious materials (having the properties of cement) wash-water and solids also come from using such construction materials as mortar, plaster, stucco, and grout require special handling to properly dispose of them.

Diligent Concrete Washout is South Florida’s Cost Effective And Reliable Concrete Slurry Containment Solution.

  • Same-Day Service: Increase productivity with a clean job site
  • No Hay Bales And Plastic: Patented EPA-compliant watertight concrete washout bins
  • South Florida Construction BMP: Diligent concrete washout pans and bins meet Storm Water Compliance Permits; LEED building reports provided
  • 100% Recycled: No mess vacuum removal to approved recycling facility
  • Largest Containers: We have the Largest Capacity Concrete Washout Dumpsters in the industry

The small footprint of Diligent bins benefits crowded construction sites in popular cities like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Diligent Concrete Washout solutions help Florida builders’ SWPPP comply with permits and avoid fines for industrial containment, secondary containment, and water containment. Southeast Florida’s successful new building projects in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County rely on Diligent for compliance with SWPPPs, wash-water recycling, treatment and concrete washout disposal.

Best Management Practice Objectives

The best management practice objectives for concrete washout to (a) collect and retain all the the concrete washout water and solids in leak proof containers, so that caustic material does not reach the soil surface and then migrate to surface waters or in the ground water, and (b) recycle 100 percent of the collected concrete washout water and solids. Another objective is to support the diversion of recyclable materials from landfills.

Call Diligent Now For Same-Day Concrete Washout Bin Delivery at 1-877-WASHOUT.

Damages: Contractors is responsible for all damages to Bins / Concrete Washout Dumpsters, Bins and Containers. Condition will be assessed at delivery, and again at pick up. All operations of Washout Containers are at the sole discretion and liability of the contractor.