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Termite Pretreatment

Termite Pretreatment

Termite Treatment for New Construction

According to a recent study by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, researchers predict that the Formosan and Asian subterranean termites will cause damage to at least half of the structures in southern Florida by 2040. To ensure your home or business isn’t one of them, contact Diligent Termite Services for termite prevention treatment of your home or commercial foundations.

Florida’s Building Code requires a licensed pest control technician to apply an approved termiticide, creating chemical barriers that protect new construction projects against future termite damage. That’s why, after plumbing inspections and before pouring concrete slabs, leading Florida contractors and builders choose Diligent’s termite pretreatment services for their new commercial project and home termite control needs. The Orlando Convention Center, the Fort Lauderdale Airport and many other commercial projects throughout Florida trust Diligent for pre-construction termite treatment and to keep their projects on schedule. Our fleet of high capacity trucks, with the highest output are equipped to accommodate the largest jobs.
A termite-free foundation to build your brand’s reputation on begins with pretreating foundations in the construction phase. Whether you are constructing a large commercial project or a custom home in Florida, Diligent would like to build a relationship with you, offering a wide range of termite soil treatment options to protect your home or commercial properties from termites, including:

  • Traditional Liquid Soil Pre-Treat‘
  • BORA-CARE Pretreatment

Diligent’s licensed and certified termite technicians also stand behind our $1,000,000 Subterranean Termite Damage Warranty, delivering:

  • 24/7 Same Day Service
  • The hghest quality termiticides on the market
  • GPS-satellite-tracked trucks for a guaranteed 3 hour response time
  • Digital flow meters installed to measure chemicals for precise applications
  • Follow up visits for patios, driveways and final grade treatments (per code)
  • Radio dispatched technicians for immediate service
  • Prompt paperwork delivery
  • Competitive pricing

In addition to Diligent’s guarantee of a 3-hour response time on our Florida termite pretreatment services for new commercial and residential construction, Diligent provides termite soil treatment services day or night to accommodate special scheduling needs. Diligent representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to dispatch your pretreat services and to help walk you through your termite certificates.

Here, in Florida, where all new structures require subterranean termite treatment, Diligent Termite Services realizes that time is money on new commercial and custom residential construction builds. With the most effective materials, the largest fleet of trucks and our 24/7 guaranteed 3-hour response time, you can stay within your budget and on schedule! Contact Diligent Termite Pretreat Services to schedule your termite pretreatment services today at 1-866-PRE-TREAT (1-866-773-8732) or email us at [email protected].

At Diligent, we are here to help you protect your investments with our termite prevention and other pest control services. Diligent Services appreciates your business and looks forward to providing all of your pest control needs. We thank you for your business!