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Multifamily Termite Inspection & Bond

Multifamily Termite Inspection & Bond

It is estimated that termites annually cause more damage to Florida homes than all fires, tornadoes and hurricanes combined according to Commissioner Bronson of the Florida Department of Agriculture. That is why it is so important to renew your Property’s Annual Termite Protection Policy with Diligent.

What is a Termite Bond?

A Termite bond or termite insurance, is an agreement between termite bond companies and property owners which provides protection against termite infestations . Termite bonds give property owners and managers peace of mind by providing plans which will cover costs to control, eradicate and even repair structural damage caused by termites. In addition to, a termite bond renewal is offered on a recurring basis to avoid any lapse in coverage and ensure uninterrupted protection.

Property Managers Protecting Our Owner’s Investment

Diligent provides Florida Property Managers with Total Termite Protection that covers all termites of Subterranean Termites. Diligent provides peace of mind for the Management of Multi-Family and HOA Communities along with all Commercial Structures with our Total Termite Treatment Warranty. Our warranty covers all treatments to control and eliminate a termite infestation, preventing them from damaging the structure and its contents which could affect paintings, furnitures and other residents belongings as well as reducing unexpected additional expenses to your maintenance & repair budget.

What can you do to protect your property from termite infestation?

  • Maintain the termite control contract on your property and renew it annually.
  • Keep the roof in good repair and stop leaks immediately.
  • Keep irrigation away from the siding and foundation.
  • Do not pile wood against the structure.
  • Keep mulch and landscaping away from the structure.
  • Channel air conditioning drainage pipes away from the property.
  • Maintain all gutters and downspouts so that rainwater is discharged 18
    to 24 inches away from the structure’s foundation.

Investment Properties & Homeowner Associations Termite Protection

Thank you for choosing Diligent Termite Services to protect your property from termites. We are glad you selected Diligent’s Total Termite Protection Policy to protect your property against termite damage. With Diligent’s termite warranty your investment is completely covered against all types of termites so you can be rest assured that you have the best in termite protection.

Thank you again for doing business with Diligent Termite Services. If you have any questions about your property’s termite protection, please call our office at 1-800-DILIGENT OR 1-800-345-4436 or email us at [email protected].

Remember, if you do not renew your termite policy, it automatically becomes null and void, and you will have lost your protection.