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6 Easy Ways To Prevent Termites

6 Easy Ways To Prevent Termites

6 Easy Ways To Prevent Termites
  1. Cracks in foundation walls. It only takes a crack 1/32 of an inch wide to give termites and other wood destroying insects hidden access to your home.
  2. Leaking pipes and faucets. Termites as well as other insects, seek out moisture for survival. Leaking pipes can keep wood and soil continually damp and create a perfect home for termites.
  3. Wood debris around and under a house. Pieces of scrap lumber or firewood kept next to a structure can support a colony of termites.
  4. Sprinkler systems placed near the outside wall of a structure. Excessive watering can dilute pesticide treatments around foundation walls.
  5. Flower planters. Planters allow hidden and direct access to unprotected siding and cracked stucco when built in direct contact with a house.
  6. Trellises and wooden fences. If a trellis or wood fence touches soil and is in contact with a structure, it provides a direct link between the subterranean termites in the soil and wood in the structure.

All of these conditions are things that termites and termite inspectors look for, and so should the homeowner. By eliminating these conditions, you can reduce the risk of infestation. However, it is important to remember that all homes are at risk to termite infestation, and should be inspected by an experienced termite inspector at least once a year.

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