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Our Beliefs

At Diligent we believe that the best employees are those who have both the unique abilities and passion to do the job. This is how we hire – we focus on fit. Fit allows us to inspire greatness in our employees, who then provide it for our clients.


We want your work at Diligent to inspire you to do great things. We know that to be successful, you need to know the unique abilities and passions that drive performance in each job. So, you’ll notice that how we describe our jobs is not how most organizations’ describe their jobs – we define the success abilities and performance expectations in the job. This gives you the information to assess whether what you do best is a fit for our jobs.


Our employees love working with us. This is because we value them and have built an employee-focused workplace. We listen to our employees and value their perspectives, ideas and input.

Our Values

Diligent is a place where the genuine care for our clients and the environment is our highest mission. These standards are the foundation of Diligent: they encompass the values and philosophy by which we operate

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