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Termite Control

Termite Control

Not all Termite Companies are the same, that’s why more people choose DILIGENT for total termite protection! When DILIGENT treats your home for Termites we provide you with the only warranty in the industry that provides Full Coverage and Total Protection against all types of termite infestations and termite damage. Choosing DILIGENT means that you do not have to wonder if your home is protected against a particular termite infestation because we provide total protection with our Repair & Retreatment Warranty. DILIGENT’s termite warranty coverage includes protection for the subterranean termite, Formosan Termite and the flying Drywood Termite just to name a few. We get rid of your termite infestation with the right termite solution at a fair price so termite swarms become a thing of the past. DILIGENT Termite Control will get rid of these infestations with environmentally friendly termite treatments that will protect you against these very destructive pests.

Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System

DILIGENT utilizes the Hex-Pro Baiting System for green termite treatments giving you and your family peace of mind knowing you have the best protection against termite damage. DILIGENT provides you with the best termite protection in the industry and an environmentally friendly termite treatment. Call 1-800-487-8190 today for a free termite inspection!

Termidor Liquid Treatment

Termidor® is the world’s most effective liquid termite control, eliminating 100 percent of termites in three months or less. If you have a termite problem, here’s why you should consider a DILIGENT Termite Services Termidor treatment:

  • Termidor has treated over 700,000 homes in the United States.
  • In over eight years of field trials with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, Termidor has eliminated 100 percent of subterranean termites in all tests, in all geographic locations.
  • Termidor is effective in any soil type or climate in the United States.
  • Termidor termite control is applied without excessive drilling.

No Tent Termite Control

Our customer friendly treatments do not require you to leave your home and your home does not have to be tented. Unlike the older tenting methods, Dilgent’s treatment does not cause disruption to your household along with the potential for structural damage to your house and surrounding landscape. DILIGENT’s drywood termite control offers residential protection to your home along with a RETREATMENT GUARANTEE!

Tent Fumigation

tentfum1Drywood Termites can cause significant damage to your home as they eat the wood that your house was built with. Because these insects live inside of the wood that they are feeding on it is almost impossible to determine their exact distribution and the extent of the infestation. Therefore, spot treatments are not very effective. Fumigation (“tenting”) is the only method that insures complete eradication of all drywood termites from a structure.

Fumigation is a highly technical procedure, which involves covering and sealing the structure with gas-tight tarps, releasing a gas fumigant inside of the sealed structure, and after a certain exposure time the structure is aerated. DILIGENT specializes in tent fumigations with the use of Vikane gas fumigant for the control of drywood termites. Proven by more than 40 years of use and extensive research and testing, Vikane provides complete elimination of drywood termite infestations- both detected and undetected- throughout a structure, even in inaccessible areas.

DILIGENT is committed to providing the highest quality tent fumigation service. Our tent fumigation technicians know the importance of getting a good “ground seal” to minimize gas leakage.


DILIGENT uses the Fumiguide electronic calculator to determine the amount of Vikane gas to be introduced into the structure after it is sealed. Variables such as tarp condition, seal condition, wind speed, volume, exposure time, and temperature are entered into the calculator. After calculating the amount of gas that is needed, we use a digital scale to weigh the gas that is introduced into the structure.

At DILIGENT we use special high technology equipment in the fumigation process to ensure that your house or building will be free of termites before we take the tent down. A device called Remote Data Acquisition Fumiscope enables us to check on the gas concentration from our office or house at any time during the fumigation. The RDA Fumiscope is plugged into a phone jack or connected to a cell phone inside of your house prior to us “tenting” the structure.

We then simply dial up the RDA Fumiscope from one our office or home-based computers and check the gas concentration. If the readings are too low we will return to the job site and add more gas. We can provide you with a computer print out of the gas readings upon request.