Diligent | Bora-Care Liquid Anti-Termite Treatment in Buildings



Bora-Care Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Diligent Bora-Care Pretreat is one of the newest pre-construction anti-termite treatment methods for residential structures in Florida. Bora-Care liquid termite treatment for subterranean termites are performed in one trip instead of the traditional three trips with soil pretreats. Diligent Bora-Care pretreats can performed quickly and Bora-Care anti termite treatment in buildings will penetrate the wood while remaining there for the life of the wood, providing residual protection against subterranean termites as well as formosan termites. With a Bora-Care pest control during house construction, we use only 2 or 3 gallons of water compared to 300 to 400 gallons with the traditional soil pretreat. Crews can remain on the job-site while the Bora-Care is applied to the home. Bora-Care termite pretreatments allow you to work regardless of the weather unlike traditional soil pretreats that are halted with rain.

Diligent’s Bora-Care Termite New Construction Treatments create a protective barrier and that is performed when all mechanicals and framing are in place, and prior to the install of insulation. With our anti-termite treatment to the foundation, all wood two feet and below in the dwelling will receive a complete Bora-Care liquid termite treatment.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All wood two feet above the concrete slab.
  • Metal and/or non-cellulosic base plates
  • Plumbing pipes two feet from the concrete slab
  • Electrical conduit two feet from the concrete slab
  • Any penetrations are treated wit a 2-foot-wide barrier
  • 2-foot barrier up and out from the interior and exterior walls

Question: Are wood treatments such as borates allowable as stand alone treatments for new construction?

Answer: Yes, currently Bora-Care is registered as a preventative treatment for new construction as a direct treatment to wood. Bora-Care is a borate containing insecticide. As a registered termiticide Bora-Care, may legally be used as standalone anti termite treatment in buildings.