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Florida Termite Pretreat FAQ

Florida Termite Pretreat FAQ
  1. I am building a home in Florida, do I need to have a preventive termite pretreatment done on my new home during construction?

    Yes, in Florida your builder is required by the Florida Building Code to provide the owner of the structure with a termite pretreat during construction.

  2. What are the proper treatment options in Florida for the prevention of subterranean termites in new construction?

    The most common Florida termite pretreat is performed by treating the soil under the concrete slab with an EPA and Florida Department of Agriculture approved termiticide. Soil treatments are the most common but you we do have alternative methods such as Baiting/Monitoring Systems or Borate Treatments.

  3. Do I have a termite contract/warranty with my new home provided by the company that performed my termite pretreat?

    Yes, by law the company that performs the termite treatment during new construction is required to give you a one year warranty from the DATE OF TREATMENT. After the one year period you can renew your warranty annually and can be extended for a minimum of four years as long as the annual renewal is paid. Remember, if you do not renew your contract/warranty, it automatically becomes null and void, and you will have lost your protection against termites.

  4. When do I perform a soil pretreat during construction?

    Treating structures with a soil pretreat during construction, when the foundation and soil that forms the slab for the future concrete are exposed, is the best time to apply 1 gallon of chemical protection every 10 square feet to the soil for protection against subterranean termites. Soil areas next to walls (both inside and outside), piers, pipes and under “critical areas” such as slab expansion joints are treated with 4 gallons per 10 linear feet per foot of depth.

  5. When is the Bora-Care pretreat done during construction?

    During the dried-in phase of construction, your pest control company will apply it directly to the wood, concrete and foundation penetrations in one spray application. Termites can not the wood and they can not tube over it. Earn Points for LEED and other green building programs.

  6. When is the Baiting System done during construction?

    The Termite Baiting System is installed once landscaping is installed. Baiting stations are installed around the exterior of the structure.

  7. When and how do I to schedule the termite pretreat for my structure’s termite protection?

    You need to schedule the termite pretreatment before the concrete slab is poured, once the plumbing inspection is complete and the slab is graded, just before the concrete is placed. To schedule your Florida termite pretreat contact a local Diligent Termite Services Branch at 1-866-PRE-TREAT or 1-866-773-8732. A Diligent Termite Inspector will help you with setting up your termite protection and going over your options for protecting your investment.